From The Archives: “Harry Potter, Jedi Knight”

I’ve been slowly digging through my files, and I found this old goody from 2005. Enjoy!

The other day (twelve years ago), I was playing with some LEGO toys we have around the house, and I had an idea for making the most out of them:

I’ve long thought a crossover between Harry Potter and Star Wars would work well, because I really enjoyed the Potter books and … well, I didn’t enjoy the Star Wars prequels nearly as much (though Sith was okay). I think the Potter series would be great source material for a fun and exciting Star Wars campaign.

Such a crossover is made easier in part because the main characters between the two stories are basically the same. Harry is Luke, of course, the boy who will save the World as We Know It. Ron and Hermione are Han and Leia, the best buddies who are there when our hero needs them (and later form their own relationship). Dumbledore is Obi-Wan, Hagrid is Chewbacca, Voldemort is Palpatine and so on. Many of the setting elements translate easily as well – quidditch players would ride swoops or speeder bikes instead of brooms, for example.

I’d say that if you wanted to keep in the spirit of the books, such a crossover campaign would best be set in the Old Republic era, or sometime between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens – no worries of Harry & Co. having to fight off the Emperor’s lackeys and Slytherin House at the same time.

A campaign set during the Rebellion Era, though, could be an interesting alternative for a “darker” tone. Instead of coming to Hogwarts as mere students, they could be refugees and fugitives from Imperial justice. Hmm….

To see how it might work, I statted up Harry, Hermione and Ron as beginning first-year characters. The stats below are for the Star Wars D6 Roleplaying Game, Second Edition Revised & Expanded (with the Millenium Falcon on the cover).

Harry Potter, Jedi Padawan
KNOWLEDGE 2D (Willpower 3D, Language (Parseltongue) 3D)
MECHANICAL 3D (Repulsorlift Operations 4D)
STRENGTH 2D (Swimming 3D)
TECHNICAL 2D (Repulsorlift Repair 3D)
Force Powers: Control 1D, Sense 1D, Alter 1D
Force Skills: Concentration, Telekinesis

Ron Weasley, Jedi Padawan
KNOWLEDGE 3D (Bureaucracy 4D, Culture (Jedi) 4D)
MECHANICAL 3D (Repulsorlift Operations 4D)
PERCEPTION 2D (Hide 3D, Sneak 3D)
TECHNICAL 2D (Repulsorlift Repair 3D)
Force Powers: Control 1D, Sense 1D, Alter 1D
Force Skills: Concentration, Telekinesis

Hermione Granger, Jedi Padawan
DEXTERITY 2D (Brawling 3D, Dodge 3D)i
KNOWLEDGE 4D (Culture (Jedi) 5D, Investigation 6D, Scholar 5D)
Force Powers: Control 1D, Sense 1D, Alter 1D
Force Skills: Concentration, Postcognition, Telekinesis

The above was also part of Banzaidyne Press, the writing portion of my old Web site, which I plan to bring back later this year. Keep your eyes open!

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Found: Errata for Jovian Chronicles Second Edition

I found these PDFs for Jovian Chronicles Second Edition as I was going through some files. They fell out of Dream Pod 9’s Web site a couple of versions ago, so I wanted to make them available again for JC fans. Enjoy!