Give Old Games A New Home

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that for my Heavy Gear: Infinite Tango sandbox, I was considering replacing the canon world of New Jerusalem with the setting depicted in Harn, the well-regarded fantasy game.

I’ve liked Harn as a product for a long time. I bought my first few issues of the old Encyclopedia Harnica folios for the maps – even now, Harn has the best maps of any gaming product I’ve ever seen. As time went on, I’d bought additional modules and supplements and was really impressed at their quality and level of detail, thinking that one day I’d put it all to good use.

I realized this morning that I never will. Harn is simply the wrong game for me, no matter how good it is. So I’m passing my collection on to someone who can use it. A university close to me offers a gaming theory and design course, and I’m sending my books their way. (They’ve been kind enough to take my d20 Modern books off my hands in the past.)

If you’re sitting on games that just don’t work for you, don’t let them collect dust. If you can sell them, great, but do consider donating them to a school or library so others may a chance to enjoy them. There’s no reason to let good games sit idle.


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