Heavy Gear: The New Worlds

I’ve described the existing worlds in the Heavy Gear universe in previous posts, mainly to illustrate which ones I will keep and which I will replace in my Heavy Gear: Infinite Tango “sandbox” setting. Here are the replacements I’ve developed so far.

El Dorado. The destruction of the city-state of Peace River has become the key divergence point in the Heavy Gear setting. The original roleplaying books took the game into an era of raids and skirmish-scale warfare with the Black Talons, while the Blitz! miniatures game takes the setting in a different direction to support its War for Terra Nova campaign.

HG: Infinite Tango goes in a third direction, where the Black Talons are as much an exploration force as a military one. Terra Nova needs more of everything – more resources, more allies, more routes through known space – so the Talons set off into the void.

One day, the Talons hit the mother lode – an uninhabited garden world waiting to be settled and exploited. The ship’s captain names this new world for the legendary City of Gold – El Dorado.

But nothing stays secret for long, and pretty soon the Earthers find a way there too….

As far as sources go, I plan on mining most of my Traveller collection (particularly the World Builder’s Handbook and the World Tamer’s Handbook), along with things like Mass Effect Andromeda.

Argo. In Heavy Gear’s history, Earth underwent a “short” Ice Age which lasted between the 25th and 45th centuries. In the middle of this crisis, with no end in sight, a desperate decision was made to try and make a new home for humanity in another star system. Between 3136 and 3387, a total of five generation ships were built under Project Argo, and launched towards those stars that the science of the time showed the best chances for Earthlike worlds.

None of these ships was ever heard from again. But what if one of them made it?

Heavy Gear takes place three thousand years after the first Argo ship was launched, so there’s plenty of time for whole new cultures, languages and customs to emerge on a new world. I’m looking for sources for this right now, but so far folks have suggested the Dragonriders of Pern novels by Anne McCaffery, the original Homeworld PC real-time strategy game (one of my favorites), and the Tekumel roleplaying game.

I’ll post more about El Dorado and Argo as things develop.


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