About Banzaidyne

Banzaidyne was the collective name of several gaming Web sites I operated between 1998 and 2015. The sites were mostly dedicated to supporting the Heavy Gear roleplaying game in its different editions. As the roleplaying game ended and the Heavy Gear setting was changed to support the Blitz! miniatures wargame, I kept Banzaidyne going as an archive and resource for what is still my favorite roleplaying setting.

One of my goals for Banzaidyne IV is to continue this archive. The vehicle writeups and rules expansions that had been individual Web pages will be compiled into PDFs, so they’re available in easy-to-use packages. The stories and other material of the old APAGear II Amateur Press Association will also be assembled into PDFs and made public again. (Until then, the Web site has been restored as Banzaidyne III Redux.)

New material will also be posted here, including new supplements for Heavy Gear D6 and occasional projects for other games. Stop by often to see what’s new!