Heavy Gear D6

One of my favorite sets of roleplaying rules has been the D6 System published by West End Games. First used in the Ghostbusters RPG, they are best known as the rules for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game that WEG produced in the 1980s and 1990s. I’ve long preferred the D6 System for its speed and ease of play, and it remains a staple in my gaming library.

In the summer of 2013, a fellow member of the RPGNet Forum created a port for Heavy Gear using the D6 System rules. This conversion quickly became my favorite version of my favorite game, and I’ve created several supplements to support it (with more on the way).

For your dining and dancing pleasure, here is the current Heavy Gear D6 library. (The date in each link is when the file was last updated.)

(Some of these links used to go to a Google Drive account, but those no longer work. I’ve moved everything to this site so I can keep track of how popular these are.)

Check the Posts section from time to time for more information on new expansions and comments.

So Many Choices…

The D6 System has been out for many years, and several different versions have been made to support particular games.

I highly recommend the original Star Wars RPG books from West End Games. Heavy Gear D6 is based on the simpler 1st Edition of the rules (it has poster artwork from the original movie on the front), though I also like the 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded version (with the Millenium Falcon on the cover). The original books have been out of print since the 1990s, but they can be found online.

In July 2018, Fantasy Flight Games released their 30th Anniversary Edition reprints of the original WEG rulebooks, for folks who want new copies.

Fans of the original games have made PDFs updating and revising these original rules sets. Star Wars Classic Adventures consolidates and updates the 1st Edition rules, and Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised, Expanded and Updated (REUP) combines the best of the 2nd Edition rules into one publication. They are unofficial and are not authorized by Lucasfilm or Disney, but they are very well done and are easy to find online.

Beyond Star Wars, the D6 System rules were released as OGL material several years ago. Published versions include D6 Adventure, D6 Fantasy and D6 Space,* as well as MiniSix Bare Bones Edition, which includes a setting that’s best described as “Star Wars with the serial numbers filed off.” Any of these can be used to play Heavy Gear D6 with very little effort.

* The PDFs posted on DriveThruRPG are inexpensive, but they were available for a long time for free. This link to the OGC RPG Library includes the prior free versions of the documents.